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How I Lost Over 105 Pounds With Slimming World (Interview)

Hi! Tell us about yourself…why did you decide to start losing weight?

I’ve been battling with losing weight for years, stopping and starting over and over and this time it finally clicked. I was really unhappy, and unhealthy and just had to go for it. On 29th February 2020, I stood in my mirror in my bedroom taking photos, thinking I’d never do it and yet 9 months later I am 7 and a half stone down.  Maybe leap years are lucky for some?

My motivation is that I’m only 25, I love going out and enjoying myself and I was sick of feeling embarrassed or ashamed at how I looked.  The confidence that you gain when losing weight is an amazing feeling, and that confidence keeps me going.  I always think to myself, imagine where you will be by next Summer if you stick to it!

What did you do for exercise when you started? Did you change it up throughout your journey?

I’ve been off on furlough for most of the year, like many, and it has honestly done me a massive favor.  Earlier in the Spring/ Summer when the weather was nice, I was out walking 4-5 miles a day every single day.  You should never doubt walking, I think it is the best form of exercise, it helps with weight loss and toning but also is good for the mind! Walking is good as you can build on it the fitter you get, I started out walking 2 miles around the streets, on the flat and ended up walking 4-5 miles even 7-8 miles on strenuous hilly walks down the woods.

Luckily, I have a home gym (in the garage) and find that running on the treadmill, circuits and weights are good for exercise.  I would recommend the couch to 5k app for anyone looking to start running!

What did you do for nutrition when you started? Did you change it up throughout your journey? 

So I follow Slimming World and have done it the whole way through.  Slimming World is a lifestyle rather than a diet.  The good thing about Slimming World is that you can eat a LOT, you don’t have to starve, no counting calories, no fasting, nothing.  There are thousands of amazing recipes that you can follow, which are super easy to make and taste amazing.  Another bonus about Slimming World is that carbs are NOT out of the question, you can eat all the pasta, potatoes, and rice you want.

I love pasta, I would eat it every day and for every meal, I love it that much, I eat a lot of vegetables too, veg is super important when losing weight! 

I don’t take supplements, but I would be open to them. I’m wanting to get more into my weight training and feel like supplements are good for that.

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How did you stay mentally strong when it was tough? Did you ever give up? How did you recover?

I’d be lying if I said that I never wanted to pig out, I do and it is tough to not do that.  When I pig out, it makes me feel bad and I regret it instantly so I always try to think of that when I want to buy tons of chocolate and chips. 

I feel like we shouldn’t deprive ourselves, if I go out for a meal then I will choose what I like, I don’t pick salads and if I fancy a drink, I will have a drink.  If I ever have a “cheat meal” I do so on a Saturday after I’ve been weighed.  You must get straight back onto it the next day, don’t allow that cheat meal to become a cheat weekend, week, month, and so on.  Food and drink are to be enjoyed, and we are allowed to enjoy food outside of our diet, in moderation.  I think once you grasp that mentally, you’ll be able to lose weight and maintain it.

Did you use any sort of trackers/apps/scales to track your progress?

I’m old fashioned this way, I print out template food diaries off of the internet and fill them in by hand weekly.  I find out that I can keep track of what I’m eating by writing everything down.  This works best for slimming world dieters, or the app is good for tracking what you eat.  If you’re a calorie counter, MyFitnessPal is great and you can log exercise too! 

I walk a lot, and I use Strava to track my walks and runs.  If you’re walking outdoors, it maps out your walk and even compares your time to previous walks/runs, it’s a good way to see how you are improving! 

Couch to 5k is honestly amazing! Running is great for weight loss, and it eases you into running, allowing you to run 5k over 9 weeks.

The scales I use are actually around 20 years old, they’re the best haha. I’ve seen all these fancy scales around but I honestly wouldn’t know where to start! 

When did you start to notice progress?

I would say I started to feel better within 4 weeks, but I couldn’t notice so much in the mirror.  My friends and family were starting to notice a lot after maybe 2 months, I’d lost 35 pounds by that point.  Now every time I bump into someone I haven’t seen for a while they’re like “Woah, where did you go?” haha, it’s a great feeling! 

It was definitely not gradual with me, I hit it hard and saw results month after month.  But sometimes, you wake up and look at yourself in the mirror and you’re like wow, I did lose weight! I noticed most when I went shopping and was buying smaller dress sizes.

Do you have any fitness “hacks” or “secrets” that helped you succeed?

Eat snacks! When I first started, it was the hardest, I still had a really big appetite and found that I got hungry more often.  I used to have breakfast, and then fruit, then dinner (lunch) and then a snack i.e. banana and low-fat custard (measured) and then tea (aka dinner) and then a snack on an evening, i.e. a skinny whip  (100 calories) and a low-calorie hot chocolate.  I think it’s easier to give in when you are hungry, so make sure you’re not starving! 

I also found that keeping busy i.e. going for a walk, stopped me from eating. I think when you are busy, you forget about eating when you’re sat around bored, you eat! 

What is your best advice to beginners who are looking to lose weight?

Keep track of everything, write everything down.  I find that you often end up having a little nibble of this and a bite of that, and it really adds up! Writing everything down, making sure you know exactly what you’ve eaten is key!

Remember, our bodies can do pretty much anything, it’s our minds that stop us! Your body can lose weight, your body can exercise, your body can be prepared, it’s your mind telling you that you cannot do it, you need to take back control of your mind. 

Think of where you could be in 6 months – 12 months if you don’t give up. 9 months have passed since I started slimming world, and in that time I have lost over 105 pounds, imagine where you could be in 9 months! 

Do you have any fitness books/podcasts/websites that you’d recommend and why?

I’m terrible, I don’t read or listen to podcasts, I really should! I think Instagram is great for motivation.  I have my own and follow several weight-loss accounts, people post meal ideas, free workouts, motivations, you can contact each other to ask questions; it’s honestly the best platform!  There are accounts for everything on there, weight loss, diet, fitness, bodybuilding, exercising, muscle-building anything! You can get free workouts, home workouts, anything!

I subscribe to Nate Bower Fitness on YouTube.  He posts tons of free boxing and other workouts for you to do at home or in the gym, they work your whole body and are honestly amazing; I do these a lot on the punch bag! 

Where can we find more about you?

I post recipes, weight loss transformations, and exercises on my Instagram account

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