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How I Lost 50 Pounds In 6 Months With Keto

Hi! Tell us about yourself…why did you decide to start losing weight?

I can remember wanting to lose weight starting way back in high school for me. I was always a taller, curvy girl, and I felt larger than most of my classmates. I experienced some bullying from both boys/girls in middle school and high school, and my desire to fit into the norm was very strong. For that reason, I felt like my body wasn’t good enough as it was, and the dieting began.

At the beginning of 2020, I decided it was once again time to get back on track with my health. I was teetering around my highest weight (approximately 230 lbs), and I was sick of feeling tired and lazy all the time. I was ready for a change. 

The year started off great, with me losing 20 lbs, and then the pandemic hit, and my weight came right back on, and then some! Midway through my pandemic spiral, I decided I’ve had enough, and I opted to try keto, and I never looked back. I have lost and gained back weight successfully many, many, many times during my life, but not diet or workout ever stuck, until I found keto and a system that works for me.

What was your workout routine? Can you give us what a typical week looked like for you working out?

I like to keep my workouts fun, so I enjoy getting them done! For anyone else starting, I would suggest the same. Working out does not need to be hard to be effective! Lifting weights and dancing like a madwoman around my apartment are some of my favorite ways to get in my daily sweat session and move my body.

I aim to move my body daily for at least 30 minutes. I also incorporate more strenuous workouts into my week 2-3x such as HIIT for 45 minutes – 1 hr to really get those high caloric burns and get my heart pumping! 

What was your nutrition like? Can you give us what a typical day of eating looked like?

Since I practice the keto diet as well as intermittent fasting, my eating window varies day by day. I do not generally break my fast until I am feeling hungry, but I aim for at least a 16 hour fast daily. Oftentimes, I find myself just having One Meal a Day (OMAD) since I am now fat adapted with keto, and my hunger levels are generally quite low.

For my keto lifestyle, I aim to keep my macros around 70% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs. That being said, I have strayed from being strict with tracking my food intake at this point in my journey at this time. I find it has become unnecessary for me when I am often just eating one meal a day, and it is incredibly difficult for me to eat an entire day’s worth of calories in one sitting. Although, I am not saying it cannot be done (haha!)

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How did you stay motivated to lose weight? Did you ever slip up?

I stay motivated in my weight loss by reminding myself WHY I started. I wanted to lose weight to have more energy, to live a long healthy life for myself and my husband. I wanted to lose weight to show myself what I am capable of, and now that I have done this, I am not looking back.

It is not always easy to stay motivated, and yes of course I slip up. I am human and we are all imperfect. The key to my weight loss success, in the long run, is not letting a momentary slip up distract me from the bigger picture, from the reason WHY I started in the first place. 

When did you start to notice progress?

After I switched to the keto diet, I noticed a change within my body within the first week. My body responded well to a low-carb well-balanced diet, and I noticed a rapid and easy weight loss while eating more of the foods I loved! I became hooked on this lifestyle very quickly after that.

Did you use any sort of trackers/apps/scales to track your progress? 

I use MFP (My Fitness Pal) to track my food/macros when I first started on keto. This is especially helpful as the Pro version has the net carb tracker, which is amazing for keto as it saves you from having to do the math yourself.

Aside from that, I do not use any trackers for my workouts, I go more by how good I feel to keep things fun/sustainable in the long term for me. I do however use a digital scale to track my weight loss/muscle mass / fat ratios, which I find especially helpful in keeping myself accountable and on track.

Are there any other fitness products that you used frequently?

I drink exogenous ketones daily alongside my ketogenic lifestyle. I first introduced ketones into my lifestyle when I hit a weight loss plateau that I wanted to push through. Immediately after drinking ketones, I felt my keto game just leveled up. I experienced more energy, more fat loss, better mood, and mental clarity like never before. These products keep me motivated to show up because they keep me feeling good. And when you feel good, you want to do more things to make yourself feel better! 

Do you have any weight loss “hacks” or “secrets” that helped you succeed?

My #1 Tip is to not give up if you hit a setback on your journey. For example, if you cheat on your diet, that is FINE! No one is ever perfect all the time. Instead of punishing yourself for your perceived setback, take it as a learning experience and move on. 

Make note of certain things, like how do you feel after this cheat meal? I always notice after I indulge in carbs I feel sluggish, bloated and it upsets my stomach. That alone is motivation enough for me to stay on track with my keto lifestyle because I feel better doing so!

Do you have any fitness books/podcasts/websites that you’d recommend and why?

Since discovering keto, I have dove in headfirst in educating myself about the various applications of this lifestyle in many areas of health. My favorite keto book is The Ketogenic Bible by Dr. Jacob Wilson & Dr. Ryan Lowery. I love how this book covers all the new and emerging applications of the ketogenic lifestyle and ketones in both mental and physical health.  

What is your best advice to beginners who are looking to lose weight?

Just start! There is no perfect moment to regain your health. It will be hard, you will experience success and failure, but you are worth the effort. Start today! 

Where can we find more about you?

Instagram is where I spend more of my time @colourfully_keto. I love to connect with people on a similar journey online, so hit me up!

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