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How I Lost 200 Pounds With Keto Naturally

Hi! Tell us about yourself…why did you decide to start losing weight?

I don’t remember a time that I wasn’t overweight, but it didn’t really start keeping me from the things I wanted to do in life until I was in my 30s. I also got extremely depressed around this time and I had kids that I felt I couldn’t keep up with.

After my son was subjected to some pretty mean bullying at school due to my weight I decided I had to get serious about making a change.  

What was your workout routine? Can you give us what a typical week looked like for you working out?

When I first starting working out all I could do was walk- and that was a huge struggle. The very first time I went out for a walk I could barely finish a mile and a half! I just kept going back though. 

After losing close to 100lbs I was still quite heavy but decided I wanted to do more, so I joined a local Couch to 5k group and a Pilates class so I could get stronger. Then I found a Zumba class, which I loved, and tried Bootcamp which I became hooked on! 

What was your nutrition like? Can you give us what a typical day of eating looked like?

I did Weight Watchers for a long time, which helped me lose close to 100lbs but then I stalled for over 18 months. I also suffered from terrible migraines so I was doing some research online and found that eliminating sugar often helps reduce migraine symptoms, so I thought I would give it a shot.


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I also had randomly picked up a book about the Atkins diet and was fascinated by the stories, so I decided to cut out bread and pasta too. I lost 10lbs the first week after being the same weight 18 months in a row- and my migraines were gone! I was sold! I have eaten a keto diet for almost six years now. 

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How did you stay motivated to lose weight? Did you ever slip up?

Feeling better was what kept me motivated, and still keeps me motivated. After being keto for about a year I ate pizza once and felt like I was going to throw up. I had headaches and was bloated and it just wasn’t worth it.

What’s really great about keto is there are so many options and substitutions, I never feel deprived of. 

When did you start to notice progress?

Being as big as I was I actually had a lot of painful, difficult moments to overcome. Imagine losing 100 pounds and still being morbidly obese! I had to learn not to dwell on how far I had to go, and instead start appreciating how far I had already come. 

There was a moment that I had a huge shock. I went to my nephew’s wife’s baby shower and there were a lot of photos taken. There was a picture of me and my sister standing together and as I casually flipped through the pictures I thought “oh who is that” and turns out it was me! When I first glanced I thought that was a thin person and I never thought of myself as thin. But I definitely looked thin there!

Did you use any sort of trackers/apps/scales to track your progress? 

I have tracked my food for years on MyFitnessPal. I also use a Fitbit to track my steps and a MyZone heart rate monitor during workouts. 

I use a food scale at home, but try not to stress too much about it when eating away from home. After all this time I have gotten pretty good about eyeballing portions.

Do you have any weight loss “hacks” or “secrets” that helped you succeed?

I schedule my workouts. I have worked from home for 10 years and it’s very easy to let work consume you. Workouts go into the calendar like any other appointment. 

Do you have any fitness books/podcasts/websites that you’d recommend and why?

I listen to a lot of keto-related podcasts- two of my friends actually just started one called “More than Just Keto” (and it’s great and so are they). I also like the “Stop Binge Eating” podcast, as that was something I had to overcome. The “Fitness Matters” podcast is another fave. 

As weight loss has also been an emotional and spiritual journey for me, I also listen to confidence-building podcasts- I really like “Unf*ck your brain.

What is your best advice to beginners who are looking to lose weight?

Just start! Don’t buy into the myth that you have to be glitter sparkles unicorn beast mode on day 1. Just do SOMETHING. I was ONLY able to walk for a really long time, and that was ok! Eventually, I could do more and more, and now I have finished three half-marathons, I can jump on huge high boxes, and I love to throw around heavy weights. You will get there!

Where can we find more about you?

I am pretty quiet on most social media except Instagram, which I love and have found my community on. My handle is: @snoweonketo

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