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How This Mom Lost 55 Pounds in 8 Months With Keto

Hi! Tell us about yourself…why did you decide to start losing weight?

Hi there! My name is Taylor and I am a loving wife and momma to two beautiful daughters! I originally started my keto journey almost 3 years ago after the birth of my oldest daughter. I was desperately looking for a way to shed those pregnancy pounds and get back to feeling myself. Not only was I able to accomplish that goal and then some, but I had also found a lifestyle that drastically improved so many areas of my life.

As someone who has always struggled with weight and tried so many fad diets over the years, it was refreshing to see results while actually enjoying what I was doing and eating. I lost all my pregnancy weight, got rid of so much bloat, had more energy, and cleared up digestive issues as well. I maintained this lifestyle until I became pregnant with our second and upon having her at the end of May 2020, I have successfully begun again; already losing 55 pounds in just shy of 8 months.

I am now the smallest I have ever been in my adult life, and truthfully even highschool which is mindblowing to me. I have lost all my pregnancy weight and then some and truly feel the most confident and healthy I ever have. I have such a better relationship with food and nutrition and have finally struck a true balance in my life between fueling my body and maintaining this lifestyle while also occasionally indulging and enjoying certain events or moments guilt-free!

I am working on becoming the very best version of myself not only for me but for my husband and children. I am happier, more energized. I no longer shy away from partaking in certain events, embarrassed by my body. I no longer hide behind the camera capturing life’s special moments. I am front and center in them, happy, healthy, and confident.

What was your workout routine? Can you give us what a typical week looked like for you working out?

Truthfully, when I first started, I didn’t live the most active lifestyle. I enjoyed walks and hiking with my husband but I was not consistent. I liked the fact that moving into this lifestyle, was not necessarily heavily reliant on someone being an exercise pro or fanatic because that would have been too intimidating for me in the beginning and would have overwhelmed me.

Especially as a new mom, I was exhausted and had minimal time for myself! So in the beginning, I heavily relied on my diet which itself proved successful. One goal at a time. As my weight has come off and my energy and confidence have increased, so has the drive for a healthier, more active lifestyle. Currently, I am beginning that process of incorporating more movement into my life. I have two dedicated days a week currently in which I make it a priority to get a workout in using home workout videos online. Sometimes it’s HIIT, sometimes in a dance workout, just moving my body!

I also love when possible to make it a family venture and get outside to walk with my family, creating progress and memories while setting healthy examples for my girls. My next goal is beginning some resistance band workouts with my husband who is well versed in the world of fitness and an avid runner (training for an ultramarathon right now- crazy!. He is a huge inspiration for me truly! I am a big believer in the fact that you can start small and make a feasible and reasonable routine to fit into your lifestyle without overwhelming you.

What was your nutrition like? Can you give us what a typical day of eating looked like?

As mentioned, I follow a ketogenic diet. I eat 20g of net carbs or less daily. In the beginning, I was a religious tracker using the Carb Manager app for all my macros and calories. I think that is important when starting because it really sets a strong foundation moving forward. People are often shocked when beginning at just how many carbs are in certain foods, how many calories, or what proper portion control really looks like!

I also invested in a food scale which helped a lot! I kept it very simple in the beginning, sticking to whole foods without overthinking it. Delicious protein and low-carb veggies were always a go-to. A great salad, a variety of egg dishes, you name it. Meat, seafood, cheese, nuts, veggies. Lots of water, electrolytes (which you can make yourself or buy; whichever you prefer) and don’t forget the coffee! Simple, simple, simple.

Oftentimes I also pre-planned what I would eat the next day and plugged that into my app ensuring that my game plan was on point for my macros and calories! It is a great tip to ensure what your planning on eating actually is on point for your goals!

Over time, I was able to move to a more intuitive eating approach, and the need for weighing or tracking became less necessary. I was able to mentally count carbs and because I had set such a great foundation of knowledge and experience in the beginning, this proved to be successful which is exactly how I do it today. If there is ever a time that I notice the scale not moving or moving in the wrong direction, getting back to the track is a great way to recalibrate.

I usually start my day with a plain black coffee and intermittent fast daily until the afternoon, eating my first meal then however I always listen to my body and eat earlier if needed. I do not really snack throughout the day as my meals are usually very satisfying and filling (yay for fat adaption!) but always have low carb/keto options prepared if need be! I eat dinner with my family and sometimes enjoy a little dessert if my sweet tooth sneaks in! Natural peanut butter, sugar-free dark chocolate, and pink Himalayan salt are my go tos!

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How did you stay motivated to lose weight? Did you ever slip up?

Losing weight is absolutely tough physically but it is so much more mental than people even realize. You have to be truly at a point where you are ready to commit, put in the work, and make a change. The key in my opinion to long-term, sustainable success is changing your perspective and your relationship toward food and nutrition.

Finding out what your triggers are, the root of your problem when it comes to your relationship with food. Establishing a plan of action that you actually enjoy and look forward to, a routine that works with your lifestyle, not against it. Once this mental shift happens, it becomes so much easier to navigate this journey. You know what to avoid, how to handle triggers as they come, you become more educated in properly fueling your body. When the mental game is on point and strong, it really does become easier to ensure the physical factors are in check too.

My motivation has always come from simply knowing how GOOD I feel. Physically, emotionally, mentally. Like any journey, there are ups and downs for sure. Highs and lows, triumphs, and lessons learned. But in every moment in which I have slipped up in some way, I take it as a lesson learned, absorb what I can from it and apply those lessons moving forward so the same mistakes don’t happen again. Did I respond to a stressful day through emotional eating? Okay, what was that trigger? How can I better handle that stress without self-sabotaging next time?

The biggest tip I can give people who do fall (because you will sometimes) does not to guilt themselves. Do not let yourself spiral into that dark deep hole of self-pity and regret and self-doubt. Analyze what happened, learn from it, create a plan for next time, forgive yourself and move on. The next opportunity for you to eat or move your body is the next for you to make a better choice and get back on track.

When did you start to notice progress?

Truthfully, the progress is evident quite quickly at the beginning through this lifestyle. I would say within two weeks I knew things were on the right track. Physically, I saw the scale trending downward often so that was always validation that progress was occurring and I was getting one step closer to my goals.

Because we look at ourselves each day though, it can be hard to see that overwhelming, show-stopping transformation but don’t let that get you down. Take pictures, take measurements. Don’t just rely on the scale.

I definitely had an “aha moment” when I looked back at some of my older photos and compared them. The difference in my face is something that still shocks me! Also when my pre-pregnancy clothes became loose, that is when I really realized I had put in the work and physically made some big changes!

Did you use any sort of trackers/apps/scales to track your progress? 

I used to use Carb Manager all the time in the beginning for tracking my food. I still have it on my phone in case I need a little reset, hit a stall, or want to really hone in to ensure I am doing everything correctly. It is also great if you are out and about and want to double-check something new you come across or even in some restaurants.

I have a food scale as well but similar to my food tracking app, it collects dust a lot now as I have moved to a more intuitive eating approach but old faithful is there if I ever need it or for, of course, any low carb/keto baking.

The one thing I use daily, however, is my scale. I do not obsess over it but rather think of it like a tool I use to just ensure that what I am doing is in line with the goals I’ve set for myself. It is a way to have measurable outcomes and is used for data purposes; that’s it. I don’t let it dictate my worth and I don’t beat myself up as it fluctuates up and down (NORMAL). It is just a tool in my tool belt to help me collect the data I need to ensure success or recalibrate if needed. 

Do you have any weight loss “hacks” or “secrets” that helped you succeed?

Learn if you are an abstainer or a moderator; it’s going to help a lot when navigating triggers, “off-plan” food, events, etc. Moderators can have some off-plan food once in a while without it causing them to binge or spiral off track and can easily enjoy, move on, and then hop back into their lifestyle.

Whereas abstainers cannot do this as off-plan foods are HUGE triggers that will cause them to go off the rails, make it hard to get back on track, and therefore it is not worth it and they abstain from those off-plan foods in general.

I am a moderator. I enjoy the occasional “off-plan planned” meal as I call it. I make a conscious choice and exert control over the food and situation; not letting that have control over me. This food freedom and flexibility have been huge for me in staying consistent. The 10% that I allow myself to eat off-plan whether a date night with my husband, ice cream with my girls, a wedding or event, etc, allows me to have that focus and dedication to stay consistent with my lifestyle and food choices for the other 90% of the time.

What is your best advice to beginners who are looking to lose weight?

Just start! Don’t wait until Monday. Don’t wait until New Years. Make yourself, your health, and your happiness a priority now! You absolutely deserve to live your best life as the best version of yourself possible. Don’t deny yourself that right.

Keep it simple. Make your lifestyle work for you, not against you, and do not feel that pressure to compare. There are a million ways to lose weight or make healthier changes to your lifestyle but not everyone is going to work for you and that is okay! It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing.

Find something that works for you and stick to it. Consistency is key even during the lows. And don’t be afraid to start small and take baby steps. Everyone wants to run before they even learn to walk and that is just not realistic. Even if it takes you a bit longer, baby steps will still get you across that finish line! 

Where can we find more about you?

I am active on Instagram at @thatketogirlmom and have built a humble community of really great people! My space is a safe one that is judgment-free, one where everyone is welcome and no question is silly. I love to share a little bit of everything there but first and foremost, I am always truthful, transparent, and authentic in showing people my REAL journey. I’d love to connect and encourage people to reach out! I love getting to know the PEOPLE BEHIND THE PICTURES!

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